Swiss relief supplies reach Northern Iraq

Swiss clothing donations from Aramaic Relief have arrived: winter clothing is to help 10,000 refugees through the cold season in Northern Iraq.

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The recordings made by the two Aramaic Relief Relief employees and provided for 20 Minuten are the result of the camp, in which most essentials have to be dispensed with, and wars of war, especially from Syria and Iraq In tents to set up a strict winter. At the same time, it is a pleasure to look at these people when they open the aid packages from Switzerland: the 20 tons of blankets, jackets and shoes are vital to survival in the cold regions of Northern Iraq, where winter is now breaking. The donated clothing was not only in good condition, but often even as new. Only in warm baby clothes was lacking.

Severiyos Aydin, founder of the charity organization, overcame the bureaucracy several times thanks to good contacts on the ground. Even the import of the goods (three deliveries by three flight transports) could be abbreviated. “Normally every package is opened,” he knows from experience, “our contacts were able to speed up the process fortunately.”

According to Aydin, distribution was as fair as possible. The charity supervised the allocation, which was carried out independently of nationality or religion. “Our local partners have a good knowledge of their areas and know where to find the most needy.” Even though there are large international relief organizations in the region, the comparatively small Aramaic was often the first organization to bring much needed winter clothes. For example, around 20 tons of clothes and blankets were delivered in 40 warehouses within 10 days.


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