ARAMAIC RELIEF International is internationally active in several countries. To date, ARI has implemented aid projects in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. You can find out more about the projects of ARAMAIC RELIEF International in our current annual report or on our project page.
Yes, ARAMAIC RELIEF International supports and accompanies several refugees from Syria and Northernirak in Switzerland. Our task is to support refugees in the integration process. However, our activities in Switzerland are limited to administrative assistance. Our focus is on emergency relief on the ground in crises and warriors.
With a donation: your donation comes directly. Either dedicated for the project of your choice or at our free disposal where the need is greatest.

As a patron: With a donation starting at CHF 50, you support the daily activities of ARAMAIC RELIEF International so that we can carry out our aid projects in the future.
Since the summer of 2015, ARAMAIC RELIEF International has been recognized as a non-profit organization and therefore tax-free. Donations to our organization can be deducted from taxes. We will send you a donation confirmation at the end of each year, which can be enclosed with your tax return.
Our donation service team will be pleased to provide you with information. Please call us at: 076 575 77 73 or write an e-mail: info@aramaicrelief.com
Because ARAMAIC RELIEF International primarily employs local staff, there is only a small need for international specialists. ARAMAIC RELIEF International does not arrange any foreign assignments.

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