Worldwide, countless volunteers are working for ARAMAIC RELIEF International. Help us to promote the work of ARAMAIC RELIEF International in Switzerland.






A few ideas on how to attract people in your environment to the work of ARAMAIC RELIEF International:

  • Send an email to your friends and acquaintances, including a link to the ARAMAIC RELIEF International website
  • Would you like to introduce ARAMAIC RELIEF International to your club? We like to come by and report on the ARAMAIC RELIEF international work. Please send us an email to or call +41(0)76 5757773
  • Would you like to carry out a collection campaign for ARAMAIC RELIEF International projects? Please send us an email to or call +41 (0) 76 575 77 73
  • Would you like to join ARAMAIC RELIEF International?Please send us an email to or call +41 (0) 76 575 77 73


A note: ARAMAIC RELIEF International does not provide job opportunities in our project countries. Our local staff comes from the relevant project region and are also recruited there. This guarantees that the improvements are permanent and in the same time supports the local community. We would be happy to book you for a visit to one of our project offices. Perhaps our local staff can help you.