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« «Clothes go to those that no one else would reach»»

By Lorenz von Meiss – 20 ton worn winter dresses from Switzerland will arrive in the next days in Northern Iraq. Aramaic Relief focuses on emergency aid.

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For Severiyos Aydin was today a big day. For weeks, the founder of Aramaic Relief has been coordinating clothes transports from all over Switzerland. Throughout the day, trucks arrive at a large warehouse in Kloten. With so much support, Aydin would not have expected: “We had to organize a third aircraft in the short term, which will fly the clothes to the Northern of Iraq,” says Aydin.

Emergency assistance on the spot

In order to ensure that the winter clothes reach even the most people who need them, Aydin travels to Northern Iraq by the end of the week. At present the organization is concentrating on supporting Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Aydin himself will be there when the worn winter clothes reach the needy. “We distribute the clothes to those refugees who are not reached by international relief organizations,” Aydin says

The project is supported by the logistics company Agility, which is responsible for the freight costs of winter clothing in several passenger aircrafts. In addition, the people who provided their clothes were asked to pay one Swiss franc per kilo to cover the remaining transport costs. Severiyos Aydin is aware that today’s dresses will only warm a fraction of the refugees: “This action is just a drop on the hot stone,” he says.