Swiss relief supplies reach the destination in Northern Iraq

With great efforts at the Turkish-Iraqi border, we were finally able to import the trucks into the country. We have just received the goods with our local helpers. After everything is sorted today, we start tomorrow with the distribution terms. Now we go further with food distributions until late in the evening.


Here are some impressions of the Turkish-Iraqi border.

Collective action for clothes and children’s books for Northern Iraq

Our collection of clothes and children’s books for the refugee families in the Northern Iraq has now been completed. Yesterday 22.02.2015 the last crates were loaded into the two trucks, which still make their way to the Northern Iraq today. A total of 16 tons of clothing and books came together. Approx. two weeks will be the trucks on the road. Towards the middle of March, we will travel again in person and distribute to the needy and displaced families. Reports with picture and text material follow as usual.

Thanks to all donors, patrons and supporters of ARAMAIC RELIEF International! And a very special thank you to all the helpers, who during the last days energetically took part, to collect all the relief goods and to load all the boxes into the two trucks!

[cs_quote  quote_cite=”Severiyos Aydin” quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#333333″ quote_align=”left”]The two trucks loaded with clothes and children’s books are now on the way to the Northern Iraq and will be received by us in about two and a half weeks from us[/cs_quote]

After this, we will again pass the distributions to the needy refugee families and begin the establishment of the children’s libraries.

Various media had already taken up this action and reported on it.
You will find various news articles and online news about this relief.

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Here you will find some impressions of the big collection day in Glattbrugg.

Video Aid Projects Iraq, September 2014

When we first traveled to the Northern Iraq in mid-August 2014 to provide the refugee families with acute emergency aid, we promised to return very soon with more help. On September 7th, 2014, I went back to Northern Iraq. With our local partners, we carried out a total of 7 distributions in the Erbil and Dohuk area, including food, hygiene articles, blankets, pillows, mattresses and medicine. With this short film we would like to show you a small part of our experiences and projects in Northern Iraq. We sincerely thank you and keep you up to date.

Humanitarian aid projects Iraq March 2015 Part1

In March 2015, ARAMAIC RELIEF was deployed for three weeks directly at the scene. First in Northern Iraq, where we distributed 15 tons of clothing from Switzerland to needy refugees. In addition, 4 tons of food were supplied to the displaced Jesidis and Christians. Finally, with the two tons of children’s books collected in Switzerland, the two libraries in Erbil, we had for the employment of refugee children. Then we went to Lebanon and then to Syria. This film contribution shows the first part of our humanitarian journey. More videos will follow, including the establishment of the children ‘s library and finally the film about our mission in Syria. We sincerely thank all donors for their energetic support.

Video humanitarian aid to refugees in Iraq Kurdistan Region October 2014

The charity organization ARAMAIC RELIEF International based in Switzerland travelled in October 2014 for the 3rd time to Iraq, Kurdistan region in order to provide urgent help to IDP’s. During 10 days we distributed 20 tons of winter clothes, blankets, food, medications and hygiene goods to most vulnerable families.

Many thanks to all those who support our help projects!

Video Emergency help to IDP’s on Shingal Mountain

Film Preview Emergency Relief Shingal Mountain

The two relief organizations “Grünhelme” and “ARAMAIC RELIEF International” set off together on the way to the Shing Valley last week to provide emergency supplies to the newly invaded Jzidian refugee families. Here is a short excerpt of the work done.

“This year marks the 100th anniversary of the genocide of the young Turks in the Christian peoples of Mesopotamia, where around 20,000 Christians escaped to the Shingal Mountains between 1915 and 1918. Even victims of the genocide took resistance from the êzîdish tribes in Shingal The Christian refugees in the mountains and then defended them against their persecutors.
Today the Christians, Aramaeans, are back in the mountains of Shingal – not as refugees, but as helpers. “ «Clothes go to those that no one else would reach»

« «Clothes go to those that no one else would reach»»

By Lorenz von Meiss – 20 ton worn winter dresses from Switzerland will arrive in the next days in Northern Iraq. Aramaic Relief focuses on emergency aid.

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For Severiyos Aydin was today a big day. For weeks, the founder of Aramaic Relief has been coordinating clothes transports from all over Switzerland. Throughout the day, trucks arrive at a large warehouse in Kloten. With so much support, Aydin would not have expected: “We had to organize a third aircraft in the short term, which will fly the clothes to the Northern of Iraq,” says Aydin.

Emergency assistance on the spot

In order to ensure that the winter clothes reach even the most people who need them, Aydin travels to Northern Iraq by the end of the week. At present the organization is concentrating on supporting Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Aydin himself will be there when the worn winter clothes reach the needy. “We distribute the clothes to those refugees who are not reached by international relief organizations,” Aydin says

The project is supported by the logistics company Agility, which is responsible for the freight costs of winter clothing in several passenger aircrafts. In addition, the people who provided their clothes were asked to pay one Swiss franc per kilo to cover the remaining transport costs. Severiyos Aydin is aware that today’s dresses will only warm a fraction of the refugees: “This action is just a drop on the hot stone,” he says. «Swiss relief supplies reach Northern Iraq»

Swiss relief supplies reach Northern Iraq

Swiss clothing donations from Aramaic Relief have arrived: winter clothing is to help 10,000 refugees through the cold season in Northern Iraq.

To the video

The recordings made by the two Aramaic Relief Relief employees and provided for 20 Minuten are the result of the camp, in which most essentials have to be dispensed with, and wars of war, especially from Syria and Iraq In tents to set up a strict winter. At the same time, it is a pleasure to look at these people when they open the aid packages from Switzerland: the 20 tons of blankets, jackets and shoes are vital to survival in the cold regions of Northern Iraq, where winter is now breaking. The donated clothing was not only in good condition, but often even as new. Only in warm baby clothes was lacking.

Severiyos Aydin, founder of the charity organization, overcame the bureaucracy several times thanks to good contacts on the ground. Even the import of the goods (three deliveries by three flight transports) could be abbreviated. “Normally every package is opened,” he knows from experience, “our contacts were able to speed up the process fortunately.”

According to Aydin, distribution was as fair as possible. The charity supervised the allocation, which was carried out independently of nationality or religion. “Our local partners have a good knowledge of their areas and know where to find the most needy.” Even though there are large international relief organizations in the region, the comparatively small Aramaic was often the first organization to bring much needed winter clothes. For example, around 20 tons of clothes and blankets were delivered in 40 warehouses within 10 days.