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Winter action – clothing collection for war victims in Syria

The news of the refugees from Syria seeking refuge here in Europe is spreading in the media. Unfortunately, the world is forgetting that there are still millions of people who live in the country despite the brutal war, can not flee, or continue to hold out there for love and peace. As already reported, we were there in the middle of September to provide direct assistance. Where today there are hardly any helpers to be found due to the danger. Now the icy winter is approaching, people are missing everything, especially warm clothing, heating and electricity. That is why we decided to implement a third aid transport from Switzerland. This time, we will deliver the goods by land and sea directly to Syria.

Our goal is to fill 2 big trucks with warm clothes, blankets and shoes and send them to Syria in early November. We can do this only with your help in the form of a crowdfunding; Only if each donor makes a small financial contribution, we are able to realize such important supplies of goods from Switzerland. Therefore, we ask for CHF 2.- per kilogram of clothing / blankets / shoes. We accept the transport fee when the crates are delivered in Dübendorf or at one of the collection points (scales will be available). We ask you NOT to place food, toys, medicines or other items in the clothes boxes.

Delivery Date / Time:

31.10.2015 / 15 – 7 pm
01.11.2015 / 10 – 7 pm
02.11.2015 / 10 am – 3 pm


Pfarreizentrum Leepünt
Leepüntstrasse 14
8600 Dübendorf


Zug: From 10 am to 3 pm on 31.10.2015. Location: Parkfeld Stadion Herti (at the Athletics Stadium) Contact: 0765757773

Zurich Surroundings: Please contact Mrs. Karagol on tel: 0793327891

Bern Surroundings: Please contact Mr. Philip Sezer on tel: 0765129939

Wil SG Area: On the 30.10.2015 from 18 to 22 hours. Contact: Mrs. Teber Tel: 0788007281

Baden / Dättwil:Please contact Mr. Severios Tan on tel: 0765217571

Zurich Helvetiaplatz: On 31.10.2015 from 1 to 5 pm. Helvetiaplatz (at the statue). Contact: Mrs. Istifan, Tel: 0765028023


Bahnhofstrasse 73, 8887 Mels, 2nd floor

Delivery times:
Thu: 7-10pm
Fri: 7-10pm
Sat: 16-22 h
Sun: 3-6pm

Contact: Mr Malas
Tel: 0788528875

If someone sets up a collection point in his city, please let me know so we can publish it here.

We can not receive boxes by mail!

For transport assistance, we would like to thank you for every contribution (donor account):
Postal Account: 61-258514-4
IBAN: CH04 0900 0000 6125 8514 4
Bank: PostFinance, Berne
Keyword (s): Transport assistance

The attached flyer contains all the important details on the collection, such as delivery date, date and time, etc.

We are currently back in Northern Iraq, already for the sixth time. We are carrying out further distribution of relief goods and will provide 900 refugee children with aid packages through our new “I am connected” campaign. Read more in the upcoming newsletter.

We sincerely thank you for your support and keep you up to date.

Donation account:
Contrament: Aramaic Relief, Baar
Kontonummer: 60-771959-6
IBAN: CH81 0900 0000 6077 1959 6
Bank: PostFinance, Berne

Thank you for your support!

Flyer Winter Action: