20 tons of Swiss relief supplies on their way to Syria

WINTER HELP – Clothes collection for war victims in Syria – 20 tons on their way  to Syria
Altogether, during the month of October we were able to collect 20 tons of warm winter clothes, shoes and blankets for war victims in Syria. The relief supplies are already on their way to Syria. In the middle of November we expect the arrival. They are then handed over directly to the internally deported and war-damaged families by our ARAMAIC RELIEF team. Thanks a lot to all donors and particularly to all volunteers who have worked 20 tons of boxes and loaded them into two trucks during 3 days. We will keep you informed about the distributions.

VIDEO – Clothes collection for war victims in Syria – Winterhelp with 20 tons by ARAMAIC RELIEF

Winter action – clothing collection for war victims in Syria

The news of the refugees from Syria seeking refuge here in Europe is spreading in the media. Unfortunately, the world is forgetting that there are still millions of people who live in the country despite the brutal war, can not flee, or continue to hold out there for love and peace. As already reported, we were there in the middle of September to provide direct assistance. Where today there are hardly any helpers to be found due to the danger. Now the icy winter is approaching, people are missing everything, especially warm clothing, heating and electricity. That is why we decided to implement a third aid transport from Switzerland. This time, we will deliver the goods by land and sea directly to Syria.

Our goal is to fill 2 big trucks with warm clothes, blankets and shoes and send them to Syria in early November. We can do this only with your help in the form of a crowdfunding; Only if each donor makes a small financial contribution, we are able to realize such important supplies of goods from Switzerland. Therefore, we ask for CHF 2.- per kilogram of clothing / blankets / shoes. We accept the transport fee when the crates are delivered in Dübendorf or at one of the collection points (scales will be available). We ask you NOT to place food, toys, medicines or other items in the clothes boxes.

Delivery Date / Time:

31.10.2015 / 15 – 7 pm
01.11.2015 / 10 – 7 pm
02.11.2015 / 10 am – 3 pm


Pfarreizentrum Leepünt
Leepüntstrasse 14
8600 Dübendorf


Zug: From 10 am to 3 pm on 31.10.2015. Location: Parkfeld Stadion Herti (at the Athletics Stadium) Contact: 0765757773

Zurich Surroundings: Please contact Mrs. Karagol on tel: 0793327891

Bern Surroundings: Please contact Mr. Philip Sezer on tel: 0765129939

Wil SG Area: On the 30.10.2015 from 18 to 22 hours. Contact: Mrs. Teber Tel: 0788007281

Baden / Dättwil:Please contact Mr. Severios Tan on tel: 0765217571

Zurich Helvetiaplatz: On 31.10.2015 from 1 to 5 pm. Helvetiaplatz (at the statue). Contact: Mrs. Istifan, Tel: 0765028023


Bahnhofstrasse 73, 8887 Mels, 2nd floor

Delivery times:
Thu: 7-10pm
Fri: 7-10pm
Sat: 16-22 h
Sun: 3-6pm

Contact: Mr Malas
Tel: 0788528875

If someone sets up a collection point in his city, please let me know so we can publish it here.

We can not receive boxes by mail!

For transport assistance, we would like to thank you for every contribution (donor account):
Postal Account: 61-258514-4
IBAN: CH04 0900 0000 6125 8514 4
Bank: PostFinance, Berne
Keyword (s): Transport assistance

The attached flyer contains all the important details on the collection, such as delivery date, date and time, etc.

We are currently back in Northern Iraq, already for the sixth time. We are carrying out further distribution of relief goods and will provide 900 refugee children with aid packages through our new “I am connected” campaign. Read more in the upcoming newsletter.

We sincerely thank you for your support and keep you up to date.

Donation account:
Contrament: Aramaic Relief, Baar
Kontonummer: 60-771959-6
IBAN: CH81 0900 0000 6077 1959 6
Bank: PostFinance, Berne

Thank you for your support!

Flyer Winter Action:

We tell students what humanitarian aid is

On June 15, we visited the secondary school Kilchberg in the canton of Zurich (Switzerland). Around 80 students were eagerly awaiting the presentation of ARAMAIC RELIEF International on humanitarian aid. We explained to the students, step by step, the importance and tasks of an international aid organization, talked about the refugee situation in the Middle East and reported on our relief activities and activities on the ground. At the end we showed our short film, which touched the students very much. They then asked numerous questions and were very interested in relieving themselves of the suffering of the refugees. Thank you very much


Check from “Suryoye Indoors”

Under the motto “A heart for Syria and Iraq”, “Suryoye Indoors” organized an indoor football tournament in the sports hall Riet in Sargans last February. As the sponsors and visitors promised, the entire proceeds of CHF 27,000.00 fully benefit the refugee families in Syria and Iraq. With ARAMAIC RELIEF International, the right charity was found right from the start. The relief agency, headquartered in Baar, has proved itself in recent years as a specialist for aid in the Middle East. It can already look back on numerous projects.

Last Wednesday, the check-over took place in Mels. The Board of ARAMAIC RELIEF presented the new projects and reported on current emergency aid in the Middle East. The founder of the Relief Society, Severiyos Aydin, told of many fights and experiences on the ground.

In the name of our humanitarian aid organization ARAMAIC RELIEF International, we would like to thank the organizing committee of “Suryoye Indoors” for the tireless efforts and the excellent result of this event. We would also like to thank all the helpers, sponsors and visitors who have contributed to this great achievement.

[cs_quote  quote_cite=”Severiyos Aydin” quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#333333″ quote_align=”left”]Many thanks to all the Suryoye Indoors participants for the donation of CHF 27,000.- to the benefit of the needy refugees in the Middle East.[/cs_quote]


Help in Northern Iraq, Lebanon, Syria March 2015

ARAMAIC RELIEF was working directly on the scene for three weeks. First in Northern Iraq, where we distributed 15 tons of clothing from Switzerland to needy refugees. In addition, 4 tons of food were supplied to the displaced Jesidis and Christians. Finally, with the two tons of children’s books collected in Switzerland, the two libraries in Erbil, we had for the employment of refugee children.

Then we went to Lebanon …


Lebanon is the country with the most Syrian refugees, estimated to be 2 million including the non-registered refugees. Most of them are located in simple self-made tents in the Bekaa plain. Others, on the other hand, hired small outbuildings and lived there, as is often the case in Beirut. Poverty is omnipresent. To pay the rent, the parents work for hunger wages with very bad conditions, this is usually not enough. So that in many cases the children are forced to work hard to support the family with further income. Schools are not allowed to visit them and often land on the oblique railway, where they then join criminal gangs.
Our local partner organization, which has been providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon for many years, has accepted this problem and recently opened its own school in Beirut. With the aim of keeping the children away from violence and exploitation and integrating them into the education system. They also support hundreds of families with monthly food packages and rent the apartments. ARAMAIC RELIEF attended this school and spoke with the families. We have laid the foundations for long-term cooperation in order to counteract this problem together.


In the third and last week, we went to Syria with representatives of the local church community. From Beirut we headed towards Damascus, the heavily contested capital of Syria. I was already in Damascus last summer 2014, much has not changed since then. Every few kilometers there are military checkpoints. No car is left without control. In the distance you can hear detonations, because the front is not far from the city center. We did not focus on humanitarian aid for internally displaced war invaders. It is lacking at all ends, the need is greater than ever. We visited other areas that were not spared the terror of this brutal war. On the way between the fronts to Homs, “the cradle of rebellion”, it is the third largest city in Syria. She was fought for 2.5 years until she was freed by government troops. Today it is only a huge rubble heap. In a first action we supported numerous families with urgently needed relief supplies, housing and medical costs. We also visited the city of Sadad, where the biggest massacre of Christians had been committed since the outbreak of the war. Even today the inhabitants suffer from the bad consequences of the fighting around the idyllic small town. We have prepared about 10 long-term support programs, which we will introduce to you very soon. At the end of our trip we visited the famous village of Maalula …

ARAMAIC RELIEF supports families in Maalula, Syria

The strategically important Christian village Maalula west of the Syrian capital Damascus is traditionally a significant pilgrimage place with its early Christian churches and cave monasteries. The village is one of the few places where Aramaic is still spoken, the language of Jesus.
Maalula had been occupied by terrorists of the Nusra Front, 2013 several weeks. One week before Easter 2014, the town was recaptured by government troops. Numerous historical churches and monasteries were desecrated and devastated by the terrorists. Dozens of nuns were abducted and numerous inhabitants were killed. The people of Maalula still suffer from the consequences of the fighting to the significant village.

ARAMAIC RELIEF International visited the village of Maalula a few days ago. We were again confronted with a picture of unimaginable rage of destruction, not even pictures, statues and crosses were spared. The extent of the violent battles to the city is not to be overlooked. The people stand, for example, Still under shock. They told us how they had experienced the conquest of the village. Their stories keep us breathless. Today, they are faced with nothing, no work that destroys their own home, fear and grief are ubiquitous. They are urgently dependent on international aid. “We have no money to rebuild our apartments, so we sit in rented apartments, but can not even pay the rents, let alone the daily livelihood!” Tell us a resident of Maalula’s.
ARAMAIC RELIEF International supported 60 families with the necessary financial resources for their daily living. Long-term projects are also already being planned.

Swiss relief supplies reach the destination in Northern Iraq

With great efforts at the Turkish-Iraqi border, we were finally able to import the trucks into the country. We have just received the goods with our local helpers. After everything is sorted today, we start tomorrow with the distribution terms. Now we go further with food distributions until late in the evening.


Here are some impressions of the Turkish-Iraqi border.

Collective action for clothes and children’s books for Northern Iraq

Our collection of clothes and children’s books for the refugee families in the Northern Iraq has now been completed. Yesterday 22.02.2015 the last crates were loaded into the two trucks, which still make their way to the Northern Iraq today. A total of 16 tons of clothing and books came together. Approx. two weeks will be the trucks on the road. Towards the middle of March, we will travel again in person and distribute to the needy and displaced families. Reports with picture and text material follow as usual.

Thanks to all donors, patrons and supporters of ARAMAIC RELIEF International! And a very special thank you to all the helpers, who during the last days energetically took part, to collect all the relief goods and to load all the boxes into the two trucks!

[cs_quote  quote_cite=”Severiyos Aydin” quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#333333″ quote_align=”left”]The two trucks loaded with clothes and children’s books are now on the way to the Northern Iraq and will be received by us in about two and a half weeks from us[/cs_quote]

After this, we will again pass the distributions to the needy refugee families and begin the establishment of the children’s libraries.

Various media had already taken up this action and reported on it.
You will find various news articles and online news about this relief.

Two lorries to set off for refugees cams in Middle east / www.zug4you.ch

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Zuger Hilfe für Kinder in Flüchtlingscamps / Luzerner Zeitung

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Here you will find some impressions of the big collection day in Glattbrugg.

Video Aid Projects Iraq, September 2014

When we first traveled to the Northern Iraq in mid-August 2014 to provide the refugee families with acute emergency aid, we promised to return very soon with more help. On September 7th, 2014, I went back to Northern Iraq. With our local partners, we carried out a total of 7 distributions in the Erbil and Dohuk area, including food, hygiene articles, blankets, pillows, mattresses and medicine. With this short film we would like to show you a small part of our experiences and projects in Northern Iraq. We sincerely thank you and keep you up to date.

Humanitarian aid projects Iraq March 2015 Part1

In March 2015, ARAMAIC RELIEF was deployed for three weeks directly at the scene. First in Northern Iraq, where we distributed 15 tons of clothing from Switzerland to needy refugees. In addition, 4 tons of food were supplied to the displaced Jesidis and Christians. Finally, with the two tons of children’s books collected in Switzerland, the two libraries in Erbil, we had for the employment of refugee children. Then we went to Lebanon and then to Syria. This film contribution shows the first part of our humanitarian journey. More videos will follow, including the establishment of the children ‘s library and finally the film about our mission in Syria. We sincerely thank all donors for their energetic support.